Friday, October 2, 2009

I know that most, if not all our friends, have been praying for Anjela's adoption to be finalized. We have some good news.

Progress was made this week when the social worker was able to get signed documents from Anjela's maternal grandparents in Western Kenya. Now it is another waiting game and we hope that the adoption agency won't come up with anything new to be done or collected.

If nothing comes up then the social worker who visited the grandparents will write a report, and send it to Nairobi. The adoption agency will organize all the documents and send them to the lawyer in Mombasa who will then set a court date. Once we appear in court, the Judge will make his decision (we pray its a straight forward case and easy decision with further appearances in court) and should be able to give us the adoption certificate right there. We then have to go and have Anjela’s name changed to Anjela Grace Akinyi Omondi. Once that is done we will have to apply to get her a Kenyan passport and American VISA so that we can come to America with her and introduce her to all our friends and family. We pray this is all done VERY QUICKLY so we can travel to the States before the end of the year for Dennis to renew his Green Card by mid-January. If all this isn't complete, Dennis will have to travel by himself once again to the States.

Praise God with us for this big step that has been completed in moving us forward to becoming Anjela's legal parents and we ask you to continue to pray that the remainder of the process will be completed quickly. Thanks for your love, concern and prayers as you support and stand with us in all of this. We love you all!

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