Saturday, August 14, 2010

America Here We come!

Praise God with us!! Anjela's Embassy Appt went smoothly for the most part and the short story of it is, YEAH!! She was given a US VISA!We are very happy about this! We are a little disappointed we weren't given the long term VISA that we wanted for her but at least we get to come for a long visit!! I can hardly believe we are finally going to be able to go to the States to visit friends and family and to FINALLY, after 2 1/2 years, introduce our little Anjela to everyone! WOW, so much emotion! In just a month's time we will be on our way. Lots to do until please pray for our preparations...more later...---Allison


Molly O said...

Wow is right! How exciting! Happy packing : )

Lisa said...

Thank you God for providing this Visa!!! We are SUPER excited to meet face to face this precious little girl we have enjoyed seeing in pictures!!!