Friday, August 6, 2010

Praise God for peace!

Praise the Lord all has been peaceful here in Kenya since the beginning of the voting for referendum yesterday. Just as we begged the Lord, there have been no major incidences or reports of violence even since the results were announced last night. We are so thankful for the way Kenyans have responded peacefully in exercising their right to vote and that even the opposing side conceded defeat in a peaceful and humble manor.

Kenyans overwhelmingly voted yes in the referendum to welcome in the new proposed constitution. Results by the Interim Independent Electoral Commission showed "Yes" won the referendum in favor of the new constitution with 67.2 percent while "No" had 30.3 percent.

We are so happy that the voting process this time seemed very credible and transparent without any reported problems or conflicts
We are also happy about this new constitution and pray now that the government can peaceful and responsibly "make it happen" and that Kenya can move forward.  If followed well its suppose to remove power from the presidency and create a more decentralized political system. The constitution would also bring in a bill of rights and even allow dual citizenship for Kenyans. (so yes Dennis now can be both a Kenyan and American citizen at the same time:):)

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