Saturday, May 7, 2011

Shepherding Shepherds Last Day


We praise God for the successful finish of our first shepherding shepherds class. How wonderful it was to see the excited faces of the pastors as Gayman taught these last three days. They learnt about Church Leadership focusing on Pastors, elders and deacons. Next class will be the second week of June!

As you go through the pictures please pray that the excitement and the work of God in their lives/hearts these last three days will be evident on the pulpit tomorrow and the rest of the month before we meet again! 

Gayman and James teaching today

Pastor Omar - Good man!

Dennis giving a charge yesterday afternoon - Eph 4:11

Group discussion in front of the main building

More group Discussion pictures

Pastor Kariuki, Gitonga and Pastor Omar

Jeremiah Pastor Samson listening keenly!

Final group picture

Thank you Gayman and bye bye!
Gayman Helman is from Argyle Texas and a long time supporter and friend ours. Gayman has come to Kenya 6 times now and praise God for his faithfulness and love for what we are doing here in Mombasa. Next week we will be in Ujamaa and Mtwapa with Gayman teaching BTCP BK 4 and Church Leadership!

PRAY for strength for Gayman and for me as we travel around teaching these pastors. Pray for Allison and Anjela as they will be alone for 3 days when we go to Mtwapa in the North Coast!

Thanks and God bless you!

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