Thursday, May 19, 2011

Prayer for April – May 2011

  • Please PRAISE GOD because we are doing well here in Kenya and everyone is healthy and happy.
  • Also that our marriage by God's grace is doing well and that's always a good thing for effective ministering.
As you praise God please also pray for:

  • Dennis as he teaches BTCP Bk. 4 (Preaching Biblical Messages and Pastoral Ministry) once a week at a place called Ujamaa.
    • Pray for Strength and good God filled preparation.

    • Pray for the students (3 Pastors and 5 church leaders) not to be overwhelmed with the workload.
  • Dennis as he teaches BTCP Bk. 6 (Personal Spiritual Life) twice a week (Tuesday and Thursday) at the SERVE Compound
    • Pray for Strength and good God filled preparation.

    • Pray for the Students (2 Pastors and 15 Church Leaders) to understand that the spiritual life is really the process of making true in practice what is already true in position.
  • Our (Allison and I) time with the Lord to be meaningful and deep – not just a roll-call appointment with Him once a day but we want to see Him, feel Him and experience Him daily in our lives – to truly live the cross carrying life and follow Him daily.
  • Our family to be a model of a Christian relationship in the midst of crumbling marriages in our church. There are three families in our church that are dealing with Adultery issues. Pray for strength as Allison and I are looking for ways to counsel and help with God's strength to bring hope into these seemingly hopeless situations.
  • Allison as she juggles the responsibilities of being a wife, a mother and discipling Betty (our SERVE 2011 -2012 Intern) to have strength from the Lord to all these things well. She is excellent in all this and we are extremely blessed to have her in our lives!
  • Last but not least please pray for the adoption of our next baby (Benjamin Joseph Omondi). The police report is coming in today and they will tell us if he is free to be adopted or not. Pray that this would give us a platform to share the Gospel with many as we proclaim our own adoption as sons that has made us heirs together with our savior Jesus! PRAY FOR FAVOR – if all goes well we should have the boy (6 months old) in our home by the end of this month. How exciting!

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