Thursday, May 19, 2011

Update on Baby Benjamin Joseph

Yesterday (May 19th 2011) was the day we were suppose to hear about the police report on whether any person had come forth to claim BJ as their kid. 

When we called New Life Home Trust they told us that they were still waiting for reports but were optimistic that they would have them by the end of this week. 

The Adoption Agency will have a committee meeting on Wednesday next week to look at our paper work and approve or disapprove the child to be adopted and us, the parents for the adoption. When we talked to the home, the social worker made it seem like they would actually do two things at once for us. They would sit in only ONE meeting to approve the baby for adoption and also approve us to adopt him at the same time. These are usually two meetings a month apart. 

If all goes according to plan (which we know there is a slight chance it may not) we could have BJ in our home as early as a week from this coming Monday (May 30th 2011). We won't know anything til next Wednesday though. We are really praying hard we bring him home by the end of the month!! so Exciting!!

Please pray for Anjela during this process as well. We think she is going to love having a little brother and being a big sister but  is going to really struggle at the beginning with sharing her Mama with another baby. She's already started telling Allison, "Baby (thats her) needs her mama, baby needs her mama" and wants Allison to hold her like a baby again, A LOT!  We are hoping she will be excited to help hold him, change him, feed him, bathe him, etc and wil get used to sharing mama with Benjamin very fast!! 

Pray for this new transition. Exciting but a little scary...any tips or words of wisdom on this transition from anyone out there would be highly appreciated and welcomed!

Thankful to walk this Journey with you all!

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