Wednesday, December 19, 2012

BJ VISA Update

Hello Prayer Warriors!!

This is just a quick note to update you on the progress of Dennis and B.J. getting to the States. Today has been a rollercoaster for sure! Today the US Embassy contacted us and gave B.J. an expedited VISA appt for tomorrow but then an hour later in the middle of the excitement and rush to pack up and get a quick flight to Nairobi, the Embassy called Dennis back to say that they needed another document from us besides the passport and court order. They needed a document stating we have clearance from the Department of Children's court or something like that?? At this moment we are unclear of the details. So as I type this Dennis and BJ are on a flight to Nairobi and will spend the day tomorrow in Nairobi trying to figure out how to obtain this required document the Embassy wants. After that we hope the Embassy will give us another VISA appointment quickly.

Please keep praying! We have already seen God do so many miracles up to this point. And now it is very evident and even more clear to us that through all of these hurdles and more and more steps that God is at work and that HE is going to make sure all of us knows just WHO is in control and just WHO is piecing this whole process together and just WHO has a perfect plan and perfect timing.  HE is Lord and we will continue to TRUST HIM and know that HE is working for our good and HIS glory!!

  • Praise God that progress has been made and the Embassy has responded to our VISA request and is working to help us.
  • Praise God for every person involved who has been there to help make all the details happen and things move forward.
  • Praise God that through some dear friends HE has already provided the finances for plane tickets! We are so greatful!
  • Pray that tomorrow that God will give Dennis wisdom and will direct him to the right people and right places to get this required clearance!!!
  • Pray we will not grow tired and weary as we trust in HIM and grow in perseverance and patience!
  • Pray that through this stressful time Dennis' heart condition remains stable and that he would not experience more heart palpatations through the stress.
  • Pray for BJ to remain calm and a good boy during all of these things and as Dennis travels with him and carries him around town to all he required offices.
  • Pray that GOD will truely get the glory and draw many people closer to Himself as they are on their knees on our behalf! Its exciting to watch God at work! Its never just about us!
  • Pray that our family can be reunited soon and Dennis get the necessary medical treatment and attention he needs.
  • Pray for continued financial provision.

For those on Facebook, keep watching our status updates for up to date progress and prayer requests. Thanks for all the prayers and encouraging comments!!

God is good all the time!
We love you all and appreciate your support and prayers!

Allison (on behalf of Dennis, Allison, Anjela and B.J.)

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