Saturday, January 26, 2013

Do you have our New Prayer Card?

Finally part of the family is reunited - we are praying for the day when we will all  be together again. Soon!
We are glad to announce to you that after almost 72 hours of travel, layovers and airport transfers Allison and Anjela have finally made it home to Kenya safe and sound! It was a sweet reuniting with BJ..He loved having his mama and sister back. Dad will be on the way soon. God is good all the time and we praise Him for that!

Dennis' long awaited finger print appointment with the immigration department has finally been set for February 8th and that's something to praise God for! He is hoping to travel back to Kenya soon after that. Pray that these two weeks will pass by quickly and we will be together soon!

Our New prayer card
We were able to see some of you during the Denton Bible Church Missions Conference and receive and give hugs but due to the short nature of our visit this time we were not able to see most of you who did not make it. We would like to get our new prayer card to you. If you would like to receive it, please send us your current mailing address and we will send it to you and also together with it a brochure explaining briefly what we are up to in Kenya. 

We would like to pray for you and your family as well. We realize that as our prayer card remind you of us that a picture of you or your family will also be a reminder for us. Could you please send us via email a picture of your family, names of everyone and if possible birthdays as well. We will print this and put it on display in Kenya to remind us of those who are laboring with us in this work. 

Thank you so much and have a blessed day!

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