Saturday, January 19, 2013

This Week...

It has been a joy getting to reconnect with the old friends and missions/church family these last to weeks and to be poured into and renewed both physically and spiritually. Enjoy the pictures:

Anjela got an opportunity to sing in the kids Choir. It was a blessing for and for her because she never gets to participate in such activity in Kenya. At least not by a professional choir master :)

Pastor Bryan Collins was a huge blessing when he talked to us about suffering from his own experience of  finding out, walking with and loosing his wife to cancer in  a matter of a few short months. What a better pastor to talk to us about suffering than him. It revived our souls in light of all that has been going on in our lives. 

The elders at Denton Bible Church together with a team of faithful women from the church organized a wonderful  luncheon for all the missionaries just to show their appreciation of what we do in the field. 

Happy moment with Anjela missing BJ and wishing he was part of this BIG family reunion but God is in control and knows what's best!

Every time we have come back home God has blessed us with snow on Christmas. Where we are in Ukunda Christmas is one of the hottest days of the year. 

My dear lovely, Beautiful wife wonderful blessing from God 

The founder of Denton Bible Church Mel Sumrall . Mel and His Wife Patty  started the church in 1977 the year I was born :)

Sweet Reunion with the Team in Texas

Jerry Barton and Family - Jerry Comes to Kenya  every year to teach BTCP and Pastor training conferences . He and his have been a wonderful encouragement over the years.

Some of Anjela's favorite people in the SERVE Team...Lambert kids and the Scheer boys!

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