Monday, April 29, 2013

Pray to the Lord of the Harvest...

I have been in Nakuru for the last over one week. And as I prepare to start the journey back home to Mombasa, I cannot stop thinking about the words of  Jesus in Matthew. The harvest is is one thing to listen to this verse preached in a sermon on a Sunday morning but another thing to live in the visible reality of it daily!

I spent this last week in Nakuru teaching Youth Pastors on the subject of Discipleship with a group of Short Term Missionaries from Alabama and Georgia. It was really fun and a great break from the Mombasa heat - I wish the family could have been here with me to the enjoy the break from heat as well:(

Anyway the most chorused remark by the over 50 participants who came was that they had not only been discipled but when they look into their churches they see no one qualified to disciple them. My heart broke, even though I knew that this was the case; it's just different to know that today I leave but there is no hope for them to grow in the Lord - humanly speaking - or is there?

Well, at the end of the conference I spoke to the leaders who put the conference together and shared the vision of training leaders with them. They were very excited that for about $150 a pastor can be trained and equipped with material for his ministry. Most of the participants said that the reason why they were not discipling is because they did not know how to do it and had no Biblical know-how to back them up. 

After the meeting with the leaders we agreed that they will share the vision for training with the youth pastors and pastors in this area and we will continue to look in to how we can begin a BTCP class here in Nakuru.

Please pray that the Lord will:
  1. Continue to make it clear to the pastors here for their need for Bible Training 
  2. Raise a man/men here who will have the burden to lead and to teach the classes if and when they starts. We have a few leads - praise God for that as you pray.
  3. Send out harvesters into the harvest field of Nakuru.
  4. Grant us journey mercies as we travel back home - the visitors to America and I to Mombasa.
Thank you for your partnership with us in this journey - God is good all the time! Here is a few pictures of the conference - ENJOY as you PRAY!

The first meal with the team from America - God bless you guys for coming !

Some of the of the teachers at the conference - great men!

In one of the teaching sessions

Teaching on the basics o leadership

Praise and worship time

Class in Session

The first group was a team of men and women that lead the Christian Union Fellowship  in various academic institutions in Nakuru - Great people!

Some of the youth Pastors on the last day! 

Please pray that our labor in the Lord is/was not in vain. 

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