Friday, July 25, 2008

From Baby to Big Girl

Look at me, I'm growing to be a big girl. My favorite thing to do now is walk holding on to the back of Baba's trousers as he walks, and i'm learning to feed myself food. Mama made me pancakes, sausage, and eggs last Saturday morning and I ate like a horse. And today i said Ma-ma a lot. (not sure if she knows she's saying mama cause of me or if its just new sounds:))


Cobblestones said...

She's just beautiful!! And Dennis has the longest legs on the face of the earth :)

Jarrod, Dawn, Trevor and Mackenzie said...

She is sooooo cute!

Joyce Mungah Wright said...

Very cute. Yall are good parent. Makes me look forward to holding my little one and watch him/her learning this things. I miss you guys.