Thursday, February 26, 2009

Sore Foot

Pray for Allison. She had some minor surgery on my foot a couple days ago. I dont remember if I mentioned that way back in April of last year when we arrived in Kenya I was unpacking our bags and a picture frame had broken and big piece of glass went deep in to my foot. Well it healed but i think a small piece of glass remained because it continued to hurt when I walked. A few months ago a doc tried to open it up and explore but couldn't find anything. It healed over but continued to hurt even worse. This week i finally went and a doc opened it up deeply but couldn't find anything. He removed a bunch of scar tissue that had formed inside and a bunch of other yucky tissue. He sewed it up and i've been in pain since. I went back to the doctor today to make sure it wasn't infected and it wasn't so he gave me a shot of pain medicine (they love giving shots in this country) and some other anti-inflammatories. Praise God I am now better. Looks like i'll be walking with the help of some crutches for the next few days however. We travel to Nairobi tomorrow so this should be interesting. Please pray for quick healing and that this would take care of the annoying foot pain I've had for almost the last year now.

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Mischia said...

Praying for the foot!