Sunday, April 12, 2009

Camera Woes....

What are we going to do...our camera stopped working completely!!! No Easter pictures this year!! Looks like for the next month until Dennis can go to the States we will have to do without and rely on others to take pictures of Anjela for's a few that were sent to us this week from one of the American gals at the Southeastern Seminary 2+2 classes last month we went to. Hope you enjoy.

Anjela was the loudest and most active and most talkative of them all. And i think she went down that slide over a million times. And as you can see she loves to put on other people's shoes and walk around. Wish you all could see her nowShe's such a big girl and such a drama queen!!! She makes us laugh every single day!

Hmmm...who am I impersonating here??

Bubble time is my favorite time!!

I even like the way they taste. Mama thinks thats disgusting

Here I am sporting my new Southeastern shirt Auntie Kimbo brought me from SEBTS


This is my favorite past time....trying on visitors shoes then modeling them around the house

Here's my cheesy grin!

Here's my look when Mama says its time to get off the slide and go home

Clap for me please...

I'm such a big girl..I can do it all by myself

Me and Miss Christin on the seesaw...yeah!!


Jarrod, Dawn, Trevor and Mackenzie said...

She is getting so big! Time flies by with little ones:( She's adorable!!!

Mark and Rachel said...

Looks like you guys have your hands full! And your hearts too :) Such a bummer about the camera breaking. Miss you guys!

Lisa said...

She is so precious!!! She looks like she has her own opinions on things too! I bet she keeps Mama on her toes. We're just entering that stage with Tabitha, and she keeps me on my toes so much that I want to spend a little time on my behind too! :) I can't wait to meet her in person!