Sunday, April 5, 2009

For all you faithful Omondi-blog-readers, so sorry its been so long since we've written or sent an email has just gotten away from us. This week i realized just how time flies!!! This week was a "special" week for us as we praise God for His strength, grace and mercy that has carried us through this last year. Yep, on the 2nd of this month we celebrated that we have been back in Kenya exactly one year now. With this one year mark, on the 11th also comes the wonderful 1 year mark that Anjela has lived with us as our daughter. Though still unofficial according to the government, because we are still waiting for the lawyer to call us to court, we praise God for the blessing she has been to us. We could never describe the joy she brings to our family. She is growing so fast and talking so much. She can repeat anything that you tell her to. I think the funniest and most clear thing she says is "don't do that". Sorry we haven't posted any pictures lately. Unfortunately our camera is dead and we are thinking we will have to wait til Dennis comes to the States in May to get a new one.
With the excitement of our one year mark also brings a little sadness to my heart...its been over a year since I've seen my family and most of my dear friends back home in the States. I've really missed you so much. I was really looking forward to coming to the States in May for the Denton Bible Missions Conference but at this point b/c Anjela's adoption is still ongoing most likely Dennis will be coming to the States in May by himself. I am excited for this opportunity he will have but sad as i think about the hugs me and Anjela will miss and sad I will not be able to introduce everyone to Anjela right now while she is so young and at such a funny age. (18 mos now). But through all of this i trust that God has a plan and He knows what's best for all of us. Dennis has to renew his US resident card sometime between Sept and Dec. of this year so we all hope to travel together to the States at the end of the year. Maybe we can celebrate Anjela's 2 year old birthday (Sept 23) with everyone back home. We'll see...----Allison


Anonymous said...

I hope you stop by Memphis in September.Cant wait to see y'all and meet Anjela.

much love,

Joyce, Wesley and Elaina

Anonymous said...

You guys are so adorable! I miss you, Allison! I'm sad you can't come in May. Can't wait for you to be able to come and bring Anjela. Love you!