Sunday, December 27, 2009

Snapshots of the last Two Months Part One

I've been thinking about how to update our blog and get overwhelmed trying to think about all to include. So what I decided to do was to go through all of our photos over the last two months and give you snapshots of some of all that has gone on here. Here is part one of the Omondi Snapshots. More to stay tuned..
Me and My sister Karen when she and Dennis organized for her to fly over for a surprise visit. She is the first of my family who have ever come out to visit us in Kenya and the first to meet Anjela. It was her first time on an airplane and she flew all that way. Thanks sis for your sacrifice and courage. I love you!

Dennis told me we were going to Nairobi for a few days rest and then going to the airport to pick up a friend of a friend...but was my sister! This is all of us eating at the famous Java House in Nairobi.

While my sister was here we went to Haller Park in Mombasa with the Grossmann family. Here's all the kids petting the gigantic tortoises who are over 100 years old. Anjela was scared can you tell?
Me and my sis touching one of the many big tortoises at Haller Park
Just a cute one of Anjela at Haller Park that day

Anjela and James Grossmann enjoying orange Fanta

One of the many photos we have of our beach bum baby...
Can you tell she loves playing in the sand? You don't want to know how long and the fuss it takes me to get the sand out of her hair.

Yep our baby girl loves to join in on the acrobatic show on the beach. I was so impressed that she actually let them hold her and put them on their shoulders.
This is what happens when you let a 2 year old girl out of your sight for just a few minutes. She decided she wanted to wear makeup just like her Mama. I'm sorry baby but i don't think thats the right color for you:):)
Looks like she got caught with her hand in the cookie jar don't you think? What do you think she's thinking?These are some of my favorites of her carrying her doll on her back like I used to carry her on my back. Her PawPaw Stokes in America sent her that doll for her 2 yr old birthday.One morning we woke up and this is how we found Anjela on our bedroom floor. Yep, she got out of her own bed and found her way through the dark, across the house, and into our bedroom and just went to sleep on the floor. Needless to say the mosquitos had a feast on her that night b/c she was outside the net:(
All dressed up in her fairy princess outfit brought by Janis Saville
Anjela with the Rains boys enjoying dinner at our house. They enjoyed eating at their own kiddy table together.
After dinner Anjela and the boys put on a marching band show for us. It was so cute!
These are a few pics from the Word of Life Academy kids camp that the Denton Bible Church team came out to do over Thanksgiving..This is during the Bible teaching hour
Dennis played the part of Goliath in the story of David and Goliath. When Ian (David) threw the stone it actually hit Dennis right in the middle of the forehead.Dennis as Goliath and Ali (our "son") as a shepherd
Does he look like a mean Goliath to you?

group time at camp

Craft time

showing off their crafts

Anjela joining in on Sing and Fun and dancing with the girls

The Denton Bible ladies that came for the camp were also able to participate with me in the first Word of Life Fellowship Church ladies retreat in November. The morning was a time of teaching/learning/games/prizes

The afternoon was fun and fellowship in the sun!

Shannon and Letti chillin on the Lamu bed at tea break

just hanging out and talking Us and the Denton Bible Thanksgiving team in front of our new Serve Compound and Pastor's Training Center in Ukunda
At the back of the church we have a Mom and Baby corner where the Mom's come with their kids during service. We don't have the space or volunteers for a nursery yet so this is what we are doing for now.You use and do what you have to do to keep the kids in one spot during service.
Anjela with some of her friends at church


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