Monday, December 28, 2009

Snapshots of the last Two Months Part Two

So here's some more pics and blurps of updates from our last few months....scroll down to see our Christmas greeting and Part one of the snapshots...

The Denton Team that came to do the kids camp at Word of Life came over Thanksgiving week and this is how we spent our Thanksgiving...on the hot, humid beach of Diani at a place called Nomads where there serve yummy Italian pizza. Its my favorite place to go and eat. We don't eat there very often cause its a little rough on the pocket but its fun for special occasions. We always say, one fourth of what you pay is for the food and the remaining 3/4 is for the beautiful view..the white sandy beaches and blue ocean of Southcoast. That's little Peyton in the foreground.

Anjela has grown too big for the pack n play she has slept in since she was a little baby so Baba finally decided it was time to have her own big girl bed built. So baba designed it by looking at pictures on the internet and then had a fundi (expert at something) make it. She loves it!Here's Anjela and her friend Tim Karanja, aka "Timo". His Mom came to visit us one day and while we adults were in the other room talking, Anjela covered herself and Timo in stickers.
Anjela teaching Timo to blow bubbles.
During the week that the Denton team was here for camp, the same week that our friend Evans, and same week thieves showed up at our flats, my friend and girl I have been meeting with weekly went into premature labor one month early. We were all so frightened that there might be breathing issues with the baby being born early but on November 30th, Mercy gave birth to a beautiful healthy baby named Chris, (named Chris cause his due date was Dec 25th) without any complications.
Here is baby small and so cuteHere's Anjela with some of her other MK friends at a birthday party for Janie Grossmann. I met Janie when i first came to Kenya back in 2003. I can't believe how fast she's become a teenage girl. Happy 13th Janie! I love you.
One of Anjela's favorite things to do at the Grossmann's house is to jump on their trampoline.This is baby Daniel Muthee, son of James and Jacinta, our national Serve teammates. Can you tell he's a good eater?He's grown SOOOO big!Betty (left) came to visit us and I took her to see Mercy and her new baby...and low and behold we weren't the only one's visiting. Several other ladies from church came including all the ladies who have given birth at our church in the last few months. So we had all three babies together. Here's Betty and Jacinta holding Chris, Gideon, and DanielHere's all three BOYS born within weeks of each other. For all of you who sent baby boy clothes with the Denton Team in November, these are the babies who have been blessed by all those clothes. Thanks. I just love this picture of all three of them!! Gideon, Daniel, and Chris, may you grow to be mighty men of God! Gideon and DanielGideon with his proud MamaBetty being baptized
Two Sunday's ago I had the great honor of going back to Fellowship Baptist Church (where we used to do college ministry in Mombasa) to see "my girls" Betty and Jackie giving public testimony of their salvation and relationship with Christ through Baptism. Betty is one of the girls I discipled when I was working with the girls at Mombasa Polytechnic in 2006 and Jackie was also one of the girls i met/discipled on a regular basis. Both are very special girls to us and still come to visit us when they can. We love them dearly and are so excited to see them both living their lives for Christ. What a special day this was!

Here's Jackie being baptized

Jackie, me, Anjela and Betty!

Two very beautiful women of God, both on the inside and out!

And here's two more very beautiful girls...Anjela with her friend Alana

I just love this picture of the two of them! We wish we still lived close to Alana and her family in Mombasa! These girls have so much fun together.After the baptisms I took Anjela to go and meet her cousin Alicia for the first time. Dennis' sis Faith and her daughter Alicia came from Germany to visit. This was our first opportunity to meet Alicia for the first time. Some of you might know that when i was a little girl I had two little lovebirds and i loved them. A while back Dennis surprised me with a gift of two lovebirds and even built them a big cage. Then within a month's time those smart little birds figured out how to unlock and get out of their cage and they flew away. So a few weeks ago we were driving through town and saw two more being sold on the side of the road. So we had to get them. One day I walked onto the veranda and this is what i saw. Anjela had pulled her little pink chair up to the cage to sit and watch the birds. Was so cute! She loves to watch the birds fly and jump around their cage.

A few Christmas' ago Anjela was given a small child friendly nativity set she could play with. A few days after i brought it out this Christmas I walked into the room and she had taken some of the little characters off the shelf, laid her "maggie" (her little blanket thats her best friend) out nicely and assembled the nativity scene just like this on top of it. I was touched as she placed each of the little figures so perfectly surrounding baby Jesus. So sweet!

Ok so i think i got a little carried away with all these beach pictures but i just couldn't get enough of Anjela and her cousin playing in the sand and ocean at the beach.....This was Alicia's first time at the beach so she wasn't too sure about all that sand and water at first. But Anjela quickly taught her just how fun the beach really is!! They played for hours.Here's Dennis' sister Faith and her daughter AliciaThe Rains boys also joined us that day at the beach. Here's Anjela with Joshua and EliasOnce Alicia got used to the water her and Anjela had so much fun in the waves.I love this sweet picture
MORE PICS TO COME..stay tuned..


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I just L-O-V-E the photos of Anjela and Alicia on the beach. Those girls are soooooooooooooooooo cute! Thanks for sharing them.



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Wow, what AMAZING pictures!! Those are some adorable babies and kiddos!

Ironically, I wanted to stop by and invite you to join in on the "Christmas Around the World" photo challenge at Missionary Moms! There a fun giveaway to go along with the challenge! Come visit the following post to find out more! God bless!