Thursday, July 15, 2010

More Praise!

Here's yet another update and praise to the many prayers you have been praying for us.
For those of you who haven't heard yet from our status updates on Facebook, this week has been a very encouraging week for the Omondis. Just one week after being given Anjela's adoption certificate, we praise God we also applied for and have already received her official Kenyan passport in record time. And to add to that the next day we were able to get online and book her U.S VISA interview appointment at the American Embassy for August 12th. We are very excited!! Please be in prayer for us as that day approaches. May the Lord show us grace and favor in the eyes of all the officials involved that day and grant Anjela her U.S. travel VISA so we can travel together as a family to the States in mid to late September.

Also be in prayer for us in the next two weeks. On Saturday we will be taking off on a much needed family adventure. We will be driving across Kenya to visit Dennis' family in Busia and do some sight-seeing and visiting of friends along the way. Depending on the situation there, we also hope to drive across the border into Uganda to visit some friends in Kampala and maybe Jinja. Please be in fervent prayer for traveling mercies and safety along the way!!!! Also pray that these next two weeks will be restful for us as a family and that we will feel refreshed and rejuvenated when we return.

We love you all and appreciate your prayers and ALL you do for us as we serve the Lord here in Kenya.Hope to see you soon.

This is a recent picture of goofy girl Anjela and her fridge-box house and one of her helping Mama make brownies. So hard to believe we will already be celebrating her 3 year old birthday September 23rd.


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