Sunday, August 1, 2010

Our Family Get-Away

Thank you for your prayers over the last 2 weeks as we took a family adventure across the country and into Uganda and back. God was indeed with us and protected us throughout the journey. We didn’t even have one flat tire. (a miracle on some of the roads we traveled) We had a really refreshing time together as we drove from Mombasa all the way to Kampala, Uganda. We stopped multiple times along the way to see friends and enjoy the countryside, and some of the lakes, mountains, and beautiful waterfalls of Kenya and Uganda. We even got to eat fresh fried fish at the Source of the Nile River in Jinja. Here's a bunch of pictures
Anjela with her friends Micah and Mikel in Kabete

Anjela and her friend Julia (Trena's daughter) at Thompson Falls
Getting ready to go on a boat ride in Jinja near the source of the Nile         
Dennis enjoying fried fish at Source of the River Nile...yes he actually ate fish and really enjoyed it!! 
Ugandan Bananas Anyone?

Stopping in Delemere on our way to Nakuru...the Marabout storks you see behind us are huge!!

Dennis taking in the beauty of Thompson Falls in Nyahururu town
At Thompson Falls
The beautiful Rift Valley near Nyahururu town
Anjela and Allison with our dear friend Trena Ivey and her daughter Julia

The Omondis enjoying lunch at a  Cafe in Nakuru  

Baba and Anjela enjoying fish and chips at Source of the Nile
cute one of Baba and Anjela on river. Don't ya think that life vest is a little too big for our little girl?
Bujagali Falls in Jinja. These rapids will sadly soon disappear because of a dam being built in Jinja
Mama and Anjela on a small island down near the rapids
We really enjoyed our time can you tell?
Local boat ride on the river Nile
This one should explain itself....
Fish head anyone? And if you are wondering...yes i did eat it!
look how small Anjela looks:)
view of city of Kampala, Uganda
with Neltia Henderson and her boys in Kampala. Sorry we missed you Mr. Kerry!
i love this one of Anjela holding the futball..looks like she's looking out saying, "can anyone come and play?"
Cheeeeeesssssing it for the camera. But probably just finished saying "MY Ball"
Anjela with her biological mom in Busia
Anjela digging with her biological father, Dennis' brother, Babu
Having tea in Kisumu city before our drive back to Nairobi
Anjela with her friends in Kabete

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