Thursday, July 8, 2010

Oh Happy Day!!

Please rejoice and praise God with us. On Wednesday we received the best 3rd Anniversary gift we could have received! We now have in our hands Anjela's correct and error-free adoption certificate! God is good, His timing perfect and His grace sufficient! All we can do is say glory to God for what He has done! It may not have been done in the timing we ourselves would have wanted but we know it was done in just the way the Lord had it planned out. These last two years of waiting have been some of the most challenging for us but WELL WORTH IT! God has sustained us and taught us so much about Himself and reminded us time and time again just what HE went through to enable us to be adopted as His sons and daughters. Again I will quote Derek Loux, "My friends, adoption is redemption. It's costly, exhausting, expensive, and outrageous. Buying back lives costs so much. When God set out to redeem us, it killed Him." No matter how frustrating, costly, expensive, or difficult these past two years may have been for us and for many of you who have carried this burden with us in prayer, it doesn't come close to what Christ did for us. It's only caused us to draw closer to Him and trust Him more and for that we are thankful! And we praise God and are so thankful for our little Anjela Grace Akinyi Omondi who we can now officially say is our first born daughter. Yes she's been "ours" since she came to live with us April 11,2008, but now we have proof in the eyes of the law and on paper:) Please continue to pray for us as we depend on the Lord to guide us in raising her to honor and fear the Lord. Because of her circumstances and where God has brought her from we also pray she may know and understand His grace in an extra special way. May she come to know the Lord as her Savior and may God take her energy, friendliness, outgoing spirit, bright smiles, cleverness, and use it all for His glory. May her light shine for HIM!

Also, please continue to pray as we have applied for her Kenyan passport and hope to also have it in our hands by the middle of next week. After that please pray that the US Embassy will give us an early appointment so that we can apply for her a VISA and all travel to the States sometime in September as planned.

Thanks for continuing to walk this journey with us.
For More Pictures of this GREAT DOUBLE BLESSING DAY we call Anniversary-Adoption Celebration go to: OMONDI FAMILY CELEBRATES

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