Monday, August 2, 2010


Now we are back home and have jumped back into ministry as we love and know it here in Mombasa. We have an urgent request we wanted to ask you to pray for this week. For those of you who follow the news, you might have heard that this week Kenyan’s will go to the polls. “This Wednesday August 4th, Kenyans will vote in a referendum to approve or disapprove a new constitution-part of an agreement that ended deadly clashes after the disputed elections in December 2007.”

Supporters of the proposed constitution are part of the “YES” camp while those opposed to the new constitution are in the “NO” camp. “Opinion polls indicate most people back the proposed constitution, but there are some powerful figures in the ‘No” camp. There has been some violence during the campaign - most notably a grenade attack on an organized "No" campaign rally in the capital Nairobi, which left six people dead in June. Some fear more clashes could break out.” (info is from BBC and Kenyan’s Daily Nation Newspaper) However, we are hopeful and pray that all will be peaceful. According to the Electoral commission, the results of Wednesday's referendum should be out 48 hours after the start of voting so please be in prayer during these critical days, especially this coming weekend.
If you would like to read more detail about the upcoming referendum vote you can go to these BBC and CNN websites:

Please pray with us that there will be PEACE in Kenya this week!!

---Pray that corruption would not mark the referendum process and that truth and justice would be upheld at every stage.
----Pray for a special protection from God for the ‘hot spots’ that are being targeted for possible clashes. Pray that people would not be scattered and that abundant peace would prevail
---Ask God to place His hand upon this land, and preserve its people from evil, violence,ethnic cleansing, religious clashes and disaster.
---Pray earnestly that this referendum will unite Kenyans and not divide us along religious or ethnic lines

Also please pray particularly for Word of Life Fellowship Church. Yesterday Dennis preached a powerful sermon on John 13-15 on loving one another unconditionally, unwavering obedience to God, and remaining in Christ. Our church congregation is made up of many tribes and differing political views. Pray that our church would stand out as a LIGHT in our community and be a family who indeed LOVES one another and those around them during this time.

And we would like anyone that might be worrying about us to know that the build up has not been anywhere near as violent as what happened in 2007 and we should be very safe at home during the results. We plan to stock up food and to remain at home as the results come out.

Thank you for your prayers for us, the ministry and for our beloved Kenya!

May God be glorified!!

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