Monday, December 10, 2012


Thanks to everyone who has been praying for our family during this time, especially as we pray that BJ and Dennis can get to the States and our family finally be reunited. Its been about 7 weeks now since Allison and Anjela left for the States. We prayed the judge would give a ruling for special travel permission for BJ to travel with Dennis to the States and after several weeks God answered and we got the judge's approval. Now for the last 2 weeks we have been pursuing a passport for B.J. which involved Dennis sitting in the immigration office for about 3 days straight just to obtain a signature from the boss. Then we were told it was approved and would be ready for pick up this Tuesday. Well, its been a roller coaster ride for us all and unfortunately the roller coaster continues.....yesterday Dennis got a phone call from the immigration department in Mombasa and was told there was a hiccup in determining BJ's citizenship and therefore they needed approval of the MOST SENIOR immigration officer, the BIG BOSS, in order to give BJ a passport. This BIG BOSS just happens to never be in the office very much.

So dear friends in lieu of this new development over BJ's Passport issuance we need you to keep praying!!! We are trusting God for a Christmas miracle! It would be so nice for our family to finally be back together by Christmas!!

FIRST, we would like for you to pray that the senior officer will actually come to the office early TODAY (Tuesday Kenyan time) and that he would sign the necessary documents so that the passport could be issued today (God is able and yet not our will but His will be done)! Tomorrow (Wednesday) is a public holiday here and the US Embassy is closing down for Christmas holidays next week, so time is definitely not on our side humanly speaking!

SECOND, pray that as soon as we can get the passport we would actually be able to get an EARLY U.S. Embassy VISA appt. interview in Nairobi for B.J. Usually it can take several weeks to get an appointmment and with Christmas just around the corner we have no idea what the interview schedule looks like. And we must have a passport number before we can even apply. Pray that somehow miraculously they will give us an early date!!

THIRD, Pray that we will not grow weary in patience and lose heart, but continue to fight, in the Lord's strength, until we are finally reunited as a family. We are learning so much during this difficult time and praise God that He is teaching us so much about complete surrender, trust, patience, faith, hope, and strength! He is good and faithful ALL THE TIME!!

With Great Love and Thanks,
Dennis,Allison, Anjela and BJ

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