Tuesday, March 12, 2013

BTCP Tanzania (2013)

Last year we traveled about 4 times to Tanzania to see the prospects of starting a BTCP class there. After much prayer and talking with the pastors there we decided to look into starting a BTCP class in Mwandege Tanzania. The need for pastoral training in East Africa cannot be emphasized enough - I remember these men and women thanking us with gifts every time we went and left to come back to Kenya. They were so happy that a "School" came near them that was affordable, accessible and most importantly did not remove them from their families and ministry.

In a meeting last year we talked about starting a class there in March 2013. As you are reading this update Ben and Peter Mutemi are there currently teaching BTCP Book 2 (Old Testament Survey). The class has started and it will be going one week every month for the next 2 years. 

Ben and Mutemi left Kenya on Saturday last week and will be there the whole of this week and come back on Saturday evening. 

Please PRAISE GOD for:
Ben waving bye before boarding the bus to TZ
  1. The opportunity for teaching pastors and church leaders in Tanzania 
  2. Safe travel to Tanzania for both Ben and Mutemi
  3. The heart and desire of the Tanzania pastors to receive Bible Training
Also please PRAY for:
  1. God to use Ben and Mutemi and keep them healthy all week as they teach OT Survey 
  2. God to provide for future trips to Tanzania - we are going to be going there once every month with our interns and teachers in training to expose them to ministry opportunities in East Africa and also to give them opportunity to practice what we are teaching them. 
  3. Our contact person in Tanzania Pastor Nixon Kallinga that the Lord will prepare him to be the future teacher for our classes there. 
  4. Safe travel for Ben and Mutemi as they come back from Tanzania on Saturday
Thank your prayers and support for our ministry since the first day - God is good!!!!

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